About project


"Life is Basketball" is a charity project, who's leaders are Bostjan Nachbar and Sinisa Drobnjak. We work hand in hand with Occupational Activity Centers Kranj and Koper, Technology Center Kranj and Elementary school Koper. Our objective is to encourage mentally challenged people and their integration into the society. We decided to use basketball to prevent stigmatization and pushing aside of mentally chalenged people in the society. With this project we wish to establish a foundation to include mentally challenged people into the modern program of motor skills activities and also give them a great opportunity for expanding their social network.


Our goals 

We try to develop psycho-physical capabilities of mentally challenged people and help them socialize through interacting and playing basketball with regular students and members of other Occupational Activity Centers. We want to encourage them to accept each other the way they are along with different values and habits. Basketball can be a game, but also a good learning tool and even a way of life. Feeling good can help us get over many obstacles that we face on a daily basis. During each basketball practice we create a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone involved. We also want to help building the social network of mentally challenged people and their families, as this plays a vital role for their self confidence and quality of life.

Our team

  • Boštjan Nachbar (project leader)
  • Siniša Drobnjak (project leader, coach and coordinator)
  • Vanja Černivec (marketing)
  • Smiljan Pavić (project ambassador)

Boštjan Nachbar (project leader): " I am very satisfied that we brought our cooperation with special education centers to a new level with the "Life is Basketball" program. We made new step in direction of accepting people with special needs within our community and once more proved, that basketball really has no borders. I believe, that we will continue to a part of many unforgettable moments and that together we will achieve new heights in the area of helping the people who need us the most..''

Siniša Drobnjak (project leader, coach and coordinator): ''Our project has a solid foundation for helping people with special needs. For them, basketball can be a game, but also a learning process and even a way of life. We are proud to help people who have been pushed on the side of society and prove to everyone, that basketball knows no diferences in our community.''


Siniša Drobnjak

Tel: +386 40 463 633


Email: sinisa.drobnjak@gmail.com