Day at the camp through the eyes of Anže Stropnik

"After our wake up call at 8AM we went straight to breakfast. Our first basketball demonstrations at the camp followed after which our day continued to basketball practices. Coaches emphasized the importance of proper technique and good basic foundation when controlling the ball on the court. After  lunch we had an option either to stay at the school and rest or go out to the beach. The beach was a great chance to have some fun, relax, and get our minds off of the ball. We were back in time for the snack and afternoon practices. Again, we were taught about the importance of good technique and you can tell most of the campers have improved in their ball handling skills since the first practice. After dinner we were aloud to watch the first semifinal soccer game at the WC in Brazil. We were happy that Germany won since some campers among us are from Bamberg, Germany. Good Night!"

- Anže Stropnik

Posted on July 10, 2014 .